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This Campaign is Not About ME.

it is about US

Working together,

to create the solutions to the

issues that matter most to us.

Our Mission Is to Inspire, Raise the level of Debate and Amplify the voices of those who have been working in the grassroots campaigns.

I represent as a PARTNER, not a savior.

We already have great leaders with great ideas and many well thought out plans for how to fix the problems we all face. This campaign is to bring power to the activists and give voice to the disenfranchised.

Our political system has been corrupted and broken by special interests and a culture of lobbyists and consultants.

Together, WE THE PEOPLE have been growing louder, more organized and more effective at winning campaigns that Big money said couldnt be won.

This is your chance to work for the Bold, Progressive and popular goals that mainstream Partisans seem too weak or too corrupt to pursue once in office.

We fight for Equal rights, Equal justice, Strong Public education, Medicare for all, to confront climate change, to reject Big money in Politics.

We Fight for 15$ now, a sane and humane path to citizenship, humane treatment and due process for refugees, a Green New Deal and a reprioritization of main street small business over of multinational megacorporations.


Medicare for all

The solution is Simple but not easy. We need to cut out the Middlemen, create a single payer system that reduces costs, serves the patients needs and recognizes that health care is a Human Right. This is good for small business, good for Americans, good for you.

Clean and Fair Elections

We will face down the issues of Voter Disenfranchisement, Voter Suppression Election Integrity, and dark money in campaigns.

I have long been an advocate for Hand counted Paper ballots, post election vote count audits and an end to insecure, expensive unreliable and unverifiable electronic voting machines.  I have also been consistent and committed to getting big money out of campaigns. I refuse all large, all corporate, all pac donations . i refuse NRA pharma, wall st and oil mining donations. 


Black Lives Matter

We fight to reverse the current policies of Discrimination based on Gender, race, religion, physical ability or Identity.  We stand for Criminal Justice reform . We fight for Justice for the fallen.

We remember their names.
Thurman Blevins

Philando Castille

Anthony Robinson



Women"s reproductive rights.

I defend a Womans right to choose. The decisions about Abortion should be between a woman and her doctor, not Big Government. I oppose any further restriction on abortion rights

Protect our Waters. No Mine, No Line 3

Water is Life. All pipelines leak, it’s not a matter of IF they will leak, but WHEN they will leak. I oppose enbridge line 3 expansion. Sulfide mining proposed by the foreign Polymet mining group are unsafe, unproven and will cost our communities more than they can afford. I oppose polymet mine.


Education is an investment

We need to strengthen investments in Public schools, teachers. provide free K through 14 and trade schools, and restore Apprenticeships and shop programs

Our Values

Collaborative Listening

I value and practice Listening, to learn more deeply the ways YOU think we should work and grow. I believe the best decisions for our community come from the passionate people and activists already working on the problems we face.

Why I'm Running

Like many of us, I have been sometimes in the past very invested in politics and other times feeling disenfranchised and even cynical. I run today because I feel strongly that we need representatives who are partners with and advocates for their community leaders and residents. We CAN elect people based on shared values instead of how much money their campaign raises from pacs and special interests. Primaries are for Voting for our VALUES.

Fight for $15 NOW

Nobody who works full time should be poor. Our wages have been FLAT even though we are more productive, more profitable for the companies we work for and we are generating more wealth and more revenue.  I believe in a fair wage for an Honest days work. More of the revenue generated by workers should stay in our communities, in  our pockets and not be sucked away as shareholder profits or corporate offshore tax evasion shelters,


Marijuana will soon be legal Nationwide and Democrats need to lead. THe medicinal Industrial and agricultural uses are proven Boon to our society. We need to reschedule marijuana so that it’s full uses can be researched and make it legal to cultivate, buy and use. I support legal medicinal, recreational and agricultural marijuana and we should expunge the records and free those incarcerates on non violent marijuana offenses.  .

Immigration reform and Abolish ICE

Our Current Immigration and Customs enforcement department needs to be abolished and completely rebuilt, restaffed and reprioritized.

This does not mean open borders and no customs. I mean we need a completely rebuilt team chosen, trained and staffed with the mission to humanely and sanely help those seeking refuge in our country instead of treating them as all terrorists and criminals.  The team is wrong, but the mission is important. .

Gun Sense

I know we are courageous enough and sensible enough as a nation to take sensible steps to reform our Gun laws that have been so irresponsibly and irrationally distorted by the NRA. I condemn the weakminded and corrupt politicians that take money from and pander to the NRA while obstructing any debate or legislation at all regarding Guns. Ill work for and win some legislative arguments about safe storage, closing Gun show loopholes, universal background checks, red flag laws and restricting purchases for those deemed mentally incompetent, foreign terrorist watch list, domestic abusers.

As a weapon owner and staunch defender of the Constitution, I.m angered and offended by the lies, corruption, foreign influence and cowardice of the NRA.. Minnesotans Know Guns better than Treasonous weasel Oliver North and the cowardly NRA. we don’t need their Bullshit or their Russian Money.. 

Our Future Starts Here

Get involved, Talk about the issues, Bring a Friend. Vote your Heart

Or call — 612 888 0625

Progressive Values Are Our Mission

Together we can work for better Jobs, Better Health Care and better Education

(612) 888 - 0625


172 6th st. E apt 172 St. Paul, Mn 55101